I have hunted 13 different countries on 4 continents; my Spring brown bear hunt with my guide was one of the best I've ever been on! Highlight of my hunt was taking this 9' 8” bear after passing on several other smaller bears. Well organized and professional!
Kent J., Denmark

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Welcome to Alaska, home to some of the finest big game hunting in North America and the world. At Westwind Guide Service, you will experience one of the most dynamic and beautiful wilderness adventures of a lifetime. We have been in the guiding & outfitting business in Alaska for over 30 years. Our areas have produced many world record trophies. Yours could be next!



I have a fall cancellation of a 2 Brown Bear, 1 Moose and Wolf combo available this September where we could hunt both Moose, Wolf, and 2 Brown Bear at the same time.

It was to be a father/son with the son to harvest the second Brown Bear, we can do this as a 1 hunter with 1 guide or 2x1 with the second person taking one of the bears only. 

There will be a couple of days of travel on both ends of the hunting dates are September 5-20, 16 full days of hunting. I hunt unit 17B and there is a 2 Brown Bear limit.

This area gets large salmon runs in the summer/fall and these bears grow large because of that. Bear density is high hence a 2 Brown Bear limit.

We take a limited number (2-3) of hunters to assure for our guests 100% success.

Our Base camp is located in one of the best Moose rutting areas and the salmon along with the Brown Bears arrive in all streams around camp around the 10th of September.

Base Camp consists of warm dry tents with cots and pads, a large cook tent where there will be lots of good food Steaks, Pork Loins, Chicken, etc.

Brown Bear, the average size is 9ft, we have taken a few 10ft bears and success 90- 100%. The smallest Moose take here has been 57 inches and the largest have been over 74, average is 66

The cost of the hunt will be $27,000.00 plus tags and you can hunt all the animals with no trophy fees and the tags and license are purchased over the counter.

The original price of this hunt was $35,000.00  The hunter that booked this hunt is passing on the $8,000.00 deposit to another hunter.

There will be no fee to harvest all the wolves we can find and there is no tag fee.

All hunting will be done on foot with in the area, lots of sitting and glassing to avoid spreading too much scent in the area.

One word about the 2 guides that will be guiding the guests, they are both registered guides with 25 plus years of hunting and guiding experience in Alaska along with my 47 years doing this continuously, there is over 100+ years of experience for our guests. There will be  a packer in each camp to help where needed.

Also here is a list of costs for the hunt that are not included in the hunt cost.

1. Airline ticket from your home to Anchorage Alaska round trip.

2. There will be a flight from Merrill Field in Anchorage  to Port Alsworth and then an overnight at that location. You will then fly in a small bush plane to my camp, cost for this travel from Anchorage and return to Anchorage including 1 night accommodation on the incoming portion of you trip is $1800.00 Round Trip

3.  When you arrive in my camp in the spring we will fill out the paperwork we will then get you settled in, you will shoot your rifle, and we will prepare for the beginning of the hunt the next day.

4. After you harvest your Brown Bear, Moose, and Wolf  I will fly the hides to an air cargo company and will ship the hides to an expediter in Anchorage to be prepared. Guests will only be responsible for any shipping costs after it leaves my possession at the air cargo terminal.

I do have a travel agent that has hunted with me and can do all your bookings from your home and return.

Temperatures will be 30F to 60F in the fall and there will be rain, the best raingear and foot ware money can buy will make your trip more enjoyable

License and Tags

Hunting License $85.00,   Brown Bear tag $500.00 each, Moose Tag is $400.00, and Wolves have no tag requirement and no limit.

What’s included after you arrive in my camp?

All flying will be in our company aircraft after you arrive, all food , all lodging and equipment, all trophy preparation for shipping to an expediter, and all guiding services.

You will be in good hands hunting with us in Alaska, I have over 47 years of experience hunting,  guiding, and over 11,000 hours of flying time here in Alaska.

Westwind Guide Service, owned and operated by Alaska Master Guide Tony Lee, specializes in brown bear, grizzly, moose, black bear and dall sheep.

In 1969 Tony came to Alaska with the simple goal of having one of the top outfitting services in the state. After learning to fly in 1972 and later purchasing a Super Cub, he paid his dues as assistant guide for several years. In 1979 he earned his Licensed Registered Guide status (#498) and now is a Master Guide (license #105), and owner of Westwind Guide Service. With 100% effort he reached his original goal and has many satisfied clients with record class trophies.

You can be assured we'll do everything we can to make your Alaska hunting trip a great experience! We're a small family-operated outfitting service based in the Shotgun Hills and Nushagak Hills of Alaska. The far outpost of our hunting area is 300 air miles off the road system and located at the top of the Alaska Peninsula. All of our hunts are conducted in unit 19, 17, and 13 and we have been hunting these areas for the last 35 years, which is literally our backyard, our knowledge of this area is second to none.

fall bear alaskaMost outfitters who rely on planes usually own a Piper Super Cub, which has proven to be the best short-field bush plane ever made. Our Super Cub with tundra tires allows us to fly into the most remote areas to scout for game or deliver hunters to drop/spike camps. We also have a Cessna 185 with large tundra tires that we use for hauling cargo and meat. Both aircraft are for the exclusive use of our hunters.

Our old school philosophy of offering great service at a fair price has worked well for us. By only taking a few hunters each year we have maintained a high success ratio on trophy class animals. Based on the volume of return and referral clients we book, and feedback we receive, we know that we are providing unsurpassed service at a fair price. Give us a call and then call our references. I'm confident we can provide you with a great quality Alaska hunting experience.

Because of the financial investment and personal dreams a hunt like this represents to you, we encourage you to contact our references. We offer you uncompromising efforts to give you the highest quality hunt ever.

If you book a hunt with us, we'll send you a comprehensive packet of information that explains in great detail the best itinerary for coming & going, lodging, air taxi schedules, meat handling in the field, meat and trophy transportation from the field, air freight for meat & trophy to the butcher or taxidermist, etc.

After reviewing everything, if you have any questions regarding any part of our hunts, and everyone does, please feel free to contact me by phone, fax or e-mail.

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