Excellent moose area! After seeing lots of big bulls, my guide and I chose this heavily palmated bull. This outfit is well organized, professional, honest and hard working. I'd recommend this hunt to anyone.
Vince B., Montana

Alaska Big Game Hunting/Westwind Guide Service

 2017 Price List

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Please note:  Unit 13 has a bag limit of 1 Grizzly  Bear and unit 17 has a bag limit of 2 Brown  Bears

Spring Bear Hunts

10  Day  Grizzly  Bear  Hunt  Unit 13

 Aircraft & snowmobile transportation.                                  Remote Lodge  Accommodations.


High  success on bears.  No closed season on Grizzly Bears in this area due to high density!

You can expect bears in the 7 - 9ft range and we hunt the early season when the largest

bears are  coming out of the dens with long and thick hair. Limited number of hunts available.

1 Hunter per Guide,  $15,500.00                              2 Hunters per Guide $12,500.00 ea.     

10 hunting days of hunting   April 9-18 actual hunting days.

Pickup point is Anchorage

10  Day  Brown  Bear Hunt Unit 17B

 Aircraft & snowmobile transportation.                                   Remote Cabin  Accommodations.

 Largest  bears taken during this hunt, you can expect  8-10ft bears and this area has a 2 bear limit.

           2014 , 15, 16, hunts.     90% - 100% success on bears.  Limited number of hunts available.

1 Hunter per Guide,  $18,500.00 for 2 bears       2 Hunters per Guide $12,500.00 ea.  1 bear each.                 

10 hunting days of hunting April 21-30 actual hunting days

The hunt begins and ends at our main camp and guests will be responsible for their charter

costs from Iliamna Alaska to camp and return to Iliamna. $1300.00 Per person round trip.

NEW  FOR  2017   !!!     7 & 10 Day   BAITED   Spring  Grizzly  Hunts in Unit 13.  

2016 was the first year baiting has been allowed in this area and we spent lot of time finding great locations, what baits work, and how to set the blinds up to get Grizzly bear coming in consistently.

Location is NE of Anchorage  Accommodations are lodge based or extremely comfortable  camps.

The Deluxe hunt , you would stay in a comfortable lodge  shower daily,  meals provided, and be transported daily to a working bait station  via aircraft or ATV with  your guide.

                     Minimal walking required on this hunt .    Pickup Point is Anchorage.

                  10 Day Deluxe hunt is  $14,900.00 ea. for a 1x1 hunt  and  a 2x1 hunt is $12,000.00 ea.

                   7 day Deluxe hunt is  $12,000.00 each  and  2x1 hunt is  $10,000.00 each

Hunt  for 7 or 10 days at a remote camp with a guide.

 The Camp will be equipped with very comfortable tent accommodations, cots and pads, all meals,  guide services, boat,  or, ATV, or Aircraft transportation included.   


                  10 day,    $13,000.00 ea. for a 1x1 hunt.  A 2x1 hunt is $10,500.00 per person.

                   7 day,     $10,000.00 ea. For a 1x1 hunt   A 2x1 hunt is $8,500.00 per person 

 This is a  BAITED  HUNT.

    NOTE:  There is no closed season all year on Grizzly Bears in this area due to high bear density

        Hunts are May 20 through June 30                                         Pick-up point  is  Anchorage.

Please note:  Some of the areas we hunt  have a bag limit of 2 Brown Bears, some do not.

Fall Bear and Moose Hunts

10 Day  Fall  Brown  Bear  Hunts unit 17B       8-9 ft. +   Brown  Bears  are  average.

  Location is SW Alaska,  Spot & stalk on Salmon streams.

10 Day hunt for 2 Brown Bears is $18,500.00 per person for 1x1  hunt .  Late Sept.& Oct.                                                  

10 day hunt for 2 hunters hunting with 1 guide  for 1 Brown Bear each is $12,500.00 per person


11 Day  Moose  Hunts Unit 17B  The average size is 60+inches and we often take Moose over 70 inches

   Location SW Alaska    Spot & stalk. 

$21,500.00 per person for 11 day  hunt  September 5 – 15.    2x1 hunt is $17,500.00 per person                                                                                                                   

11 Day  Moose/Brown  Bear  Combo Hunt  Unit 17, 60 in  Moose  and  9FT+ Brown Bears  are  average.

   Location SW Alaska    Spot and stalk

  Included is 1 Moose & 1 Brown  Bear, and  Wolf

 1:1 hunt. $27,500.00 for 11 day hunt September 5-15;   2x1 hunt is $21,500.00 per person

16, 20, & 30 Day  Moose and 2 Brown  Bear  Combo  Hunts Unit 17B

   Location SW Alaska      Spot and Stalk

  Included is 1 Moose & 2 Brown Bears , and Wolf.

 1:1 Hunt

$32,500.00 for 16 day hunt September 5 - 20;            30 day hunt price on request,

$36,500.00 for 20 day hunt  September 1 - 20.           Only 2 hunters in the field !!!!


Winter Trapping Trips in Southwest  Alaska  in February and March, 7 to 10 days or more.

  Warm Cabins, Great Food,  Snowmobile, and  Aircraft Transportation.  Call for more details.

  $750.00 per day per person. Minimum of 2 guests.          You get to take home lots of fur!!

                   Wolf, Wolverine, Otter, Beaver, Pine Marten, Fox, and Weasel.

The fall hunts begin and end at our main camp and guests will be responsible for their charter

costs from Anchorage, Alaska to camp and return to Anchorage. $1800.00 Per person round trip.

Accommodations are comfortable tents, cots and pads,  guide services, and trophy preparation. Aircraft transportation once you arrive in camp is included with our company aircraft. 

 In all of our camps meals will consist of Chicken, Steaks, Pork Chops, Bacon ,Sausage, Eggs, Vegetables, Breads, Cheeses and Fruit.

Note New license and Big Game tag fees.

Non Resident trapping License  $405.00

Non Resident Hunting License    $160.00          Non-Resident from another country license  $630.00                                                                                                                                          Grizzly or Brown Bear Tag ea.   $1000.00         Grizzly or Brown Bear Tag ea.      $1300,00

Moose                                                  $800.00          Moose                                                   $1000.00

Black Bear                                         $450.00           Black Bear                                            $600.00

Wolf                                                      $60.00             Wolf                                                         $100.00

Wolverine                                           $350.00           Wolverine                                              $500.00

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