Excellent moose area! After seeing lots of big bulls, my guide and I chose this heavily palmated bull. This outfit is well organized, professional, honest and hard working. I'd recommend this hunt to anyone.
Vince B., Montana

fall bear alaskaWe are serious about hunting and harvesting big Alaska bull moose. For many years we have maintained 85-95% kill success with nearly 20% of them making record book entries. Alaska moose are the largest member of the deer family and carry the largest antlers of any species on the North American continent. Mature Alaska bull moose can weigh anywhere from 1,400 - 1,600 lbs. with antlers that spread 60-70"+. A great trophy from any hunting trip!

Annually we take 4 to 8 hunters total. You can book the trip as a moose hunt only, or as a combination hunt to include another species. Most folks do book combo hunts.

Each hunter, or group of two, if booked as a 2x1, hunts exclusively from their own camp for the entire season with no one else hunting in that area that year. In other words, no competition from other clients, or anyone else. The only people around your hunting camp will be you, your guide and a packer/camp helper. On average, our hunters see and pass up 2-6 mature bulls before harvesting one and this does not include smaller bulls, cows or calves.

Moose Camp

fall bear alaskaOur camps are located in a very remote area, with access by a Super Cub on tundra tires only. The flight to main camp takes about 45 minutes. From main camp to your spike camp is another 30-40 minutes. The camps are warm, dry, comfortable and stocked with lots of food and plenty of snacks.

The elevation at camp is 400' above sea level and the terrain varies from dense spruce forests and open tundra meadow, to the lower areas around the ponds and streams that are thick with alder bush and willow. The ground is uneven, bumpy tundra, covered in moss and low growing vegetation. Once in camp expect to walk. You don't have to be in top physical condition but you should be comfortable walking through this terrain 2-6 miles per day while carrying your day pack and rifle or bow.

The Action

During this time of year the moose are in a pre-rut condition, or the rut is in full swing. Our primary hunting method is calling & raking, but we also do some spot and stalk. Please understand the big bulls aren't standing in the open like magazine articles make them out to be. They're here, all right, and they're big. But you have to work to get them. And being real patient becomes important. We can't emphasize it enough.

The action is up close and can be intense. Most shots average 20-60 yards. About 60% of our hunters bring a rifle and the others use a bow. Make sure to bring a good camera (preferably waterproof). If you can, bring a digital video camera and we'll get some great action shots of you to take back home with you!

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Alaska moose hunt Westwind Guide Service Alaska - 2010 Bear Alaska Spring Bear Hunt Alaska Spring Bear Hunt Alaska Spring Bear Hunt
Alaska Spring Bear Hunt Alaska Spring Bear Hunt Alaska Spring Bear Hunt Alaska Spring Bear Hunt Alaska Spring Bear Hunt
Alaska Spring Bear Hunt Alaska Spring Bear Hunt Alaska Spring Bear Hunt Alaska Spring Bear Hunt Alaska Spring Bear Hunt
Alaska Spring Bear Hunt Alaska Spring Bear Hunt Alaska Spring Bear Hunt Alaska Spring Bear Hunt Alaska Spring Bear Hunt
Alaska Spring Bear Hunt Alaska Spring Bear Hunt

Recommended Gear for Fall Moose Hunting

Personal gear and clothing

  • Quality rain gear – Coats & pants. These should be VERY water resistant or WATERPROOF.
  • 2Waterproof hiking boots – Gortex or rubber, if leather, bring extra waterproof grease with you
  • 2-3 complete changes of warm clothes – It's best to have warm layers than to have just 1 heavy coat
  • Insulated & water resistant hat or cap
  • 2 pairs of gloves – 1 insulated & water resistant and 1 light weight pair
  • 7-10 pairs of good quality wool socks and 2 pair thermal underwear
  • Comfortable light weight camp shoes and a pair of sweat pants – Clothes to relax in back at camp
  • Synthetic filled sleeping bag – good to -15ºF – Anything except down! All down bags get WET!

Hunting gear:

  • Small back pack or day pack – With enough room for the following items: Binoculars/spotting scope, knife, gloves, rain gear, water bottle, lunch and snacks, small flashlight, camera, film and extra batteries, box of ammo, gun oil, personal toiletries and medicine. Try to keep this pack light weight and comfortable to carry everyday….about 10-20 pounds.
  • Hunting rifle & 2-3 boxes of ammo or bow with plenty of arrows
  • Frame pack – if you want to help carry meat, antlers or the hide back to camp

Care of Meat - From the bush to the dinner table.

Once your moose is down the next, and most critical step toward getting good freezer meat is the proper care of the meat in the field, especially in warmer weather. This is very important especially when the meat reaches the butcher. We will handel all meat care while in the field.

By the way, we also have a healthy population of black bears, and big ones. They make a great trophy, plus the meat is down right tasty. It's not uncommon to see black bears in this area in the 7' range, which is big by any standard. We encourage you to buy a tag, just in case you have an opportunity to shoot one. We've enjoyed 75%+ success on guided hunts in taking very large black bears. All were over 6 feet and some almost 8 feet, which is a very big black bear, and bigger than some grizzlies. Many of our moose hunters like to hunt them by just buying a tag. No trophy fees.

Please feel free to call us at (907) 373-2047 and let us know what we can do on this end to help you plan and prepare for your trip.

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